How To Edit Pages - Quickstart

Editing Pages

If you want to add a composition to the site, navigate to the page that you think it needs to go on, then go to the bottom of the page and select edit. You can then add your composition to that page.

Or if the page is quite long it may be easier to select "Options -> Append" Then add your composition, this will add your comosition to the bottom of the page.

When uploading a composition I suggest you enclose the composition in "[[code]] [[/code]]" tags, this means that everything appears the same for everyone and will eliminate misreading errors. If you are unsure, edit this page to see how to enter a composition.

Plain Bob Maximus 1320
composed by Daniel Brady

234567890ET 9 F I 6 H
6482E39507T   -   -
63849205E7T -     -
628403E597T s     -
6382E49507T -     -
234567890ET     2   s

5,6,7 Unnaffected
Tittums coursing

If a suitable page does not exist for your composition, edit the page nearest to it, and add a link to a new page. Then follow the link and add your composition on that page. E.g. if you wanted to add a quarter of Xanthus surprise major, you would navigate to "Quaters of Major" then edit the page and add a link to Xanthus under the surprise section. Then by following the link you can add your composition. If you're unsure, just add it to other.

Please try to keep the site tidy and in some semblance of order so that people can find things easily!

Please visit Documentation pages to learn more.

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